Video recruitment

Stage your vacancy with a video and attract the right candidates

Tempt the right candidates with video recruitment for effective recruitment. With a recruitment video, we stage the job when a new employee is needed. A typical recruitment video lasts about 1 min and is targeted a specific job or audience. The story is a combination of a little bit about the job, a little about the role of who you are looking for, and a little about the company. Recruitment Videos works for all jobs and all industries. But there are big differences in how they are produced and how exactly the story should be told. After more than 300 video recruitment productions, we probably have an idea for you. By distributing your vacancy on social media we reach those who are not actively looking for a job and those who must be inspired to search. We offer both single-video productions and attractive subscription solutions if you want to take your recruitment to the next level.


When your business is staged, it becomes much easier for candidates to determine whether they believe to be the perfect match. This means that you’ll get more qualified candidates applying for your vacancy.

Tiltræk de rette kandidater med en digital medieplan
Skab awareness med den rette digitale medieplan

Attract more qualified candidates with video recruitment

The right advertising and exposure on social media ensure that you reach the relevant candidates on several channels. You do not just hit the active job seeker, but also the passive job seeker.


With video recruitment, you reach and engage more people. Video performs 12 times better than text and images together on social media and is therefore an obvious opportunity to increase awareness of your business while recruiting.


How we strengthen your video recruitment


We identify your core messages and come up with a creative idea that will attract the most qualified candidates to your business and help you write a catchy job post.


We create the media plan, identify the target group, and set up the campaign. We monitor and adapt the campaign continuously ensuring its performance. We also take care of the post text.


We write the script and create the storyboard for the production which also includes coaching and instructions. We handle the entire post-production (editing, color grading, and sound editing) so that you get a video ready for use.


We take care of the coordination and planning. We prepare detailed production- and media plans for an efficient and smooth process.

Advertise your job on social media

Recruitment video &
advertising on social media

Reach and attract the right candidates & increase your brand awareness
kr 35.000
  • Script & storyboard
  • 1 day of shooting
  • 1 featured speaker
  • Post production (editing, music, etc.)
  • 1 proofreading
  • Subtitles
  • 1 min. video ready for use

See some of our recruitment videos

We have produced hundreds of recruitment videos. So reach out if you want to see more.

Recruitment Solutions

Do you have an open job, that you would like to fill? The perfect solution is a recruitment video and advertisement on social media. We are also happy to assist you with the writing of the job post, create a landing page/career site, or indentation on just the right places for you.

Recruitment on
Social Media

Attract the right candidates
kr 10.000 incl. advertising
on social media
  • Media plan & advertising
  • Copywriting for SoMe
  • Dedicated counseling

Job event

Invite your candidates inside
kr 40.000
  • Development of strategy
  • Conceptualization
  • Dedicated counseling
  • Coordination & project management
  • Media plan & advertising

Full recruitment

Recruitment and prescreening of candidates
kr 60.000
  • Development of strategy
  • Job post & post text
  • Landingpage
  • Media plan & advertising
  • Pre-videoscreening of candidates
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Should we help you with your next recruitment?

Contact us for a chat about how to best ensure you the optimal recruitment.



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