Video is the most powerful form of communication

There is an increasing demand for professional video production. And for good reasons. Video remains the most effective form of communication. It is easy to digest. It gives an authentic picture of reality. And it’s much more entertaining to watch. So there is a good reason why video has become so popular a medium. Within HR and recruitment, a video is also a great tool. Using video in connection with your recruitment, you get the opportunity to invite potential new employees inside and show them your workplace, colleagues, and culture. Video is also an effective way to strengthen the Employer Brand. Ex. through employee testimonials, visualization of core values​​, or when onboarding new employees. The possibilities of video productions are many, and we are more than ready to explore them with you!


You can write as much about your cool workplace and how great your Friday bar is. But we just know that the message comes far better through with the video. Video is effective precisely because it is a direct reflection of your reality.


Anyone can access and view a video, and video makes the difficult easy. If we take a look at the pure marketing industry 97% believe that video makes it much easier to understand a product. The same applies when the “product” in this case is your business.


In 2021 over 80% of all traffic will consist of video. One of the main reasons is that search engine rates video higher because it is considered quality content. Video captures our attention, and with great storytelling, we can maintain interest and deliver the message easily and effectively.

Our most produced videos


A recruitment video is undoubtedly the most effective way to sell a job. With video you create awareness, and it will not only strengthen the individual recruitment but your entire brand.


Employee testimonials are the most authentic voice of your company as a workplace, as we rely 300% more on employee statements than all other statements.

Employer Branding video

Make it easy for your stakeholders to understand what kind of business you are, to show and exemplify your core values, culture, and business goals on video.


Get your conference, event, or Friday bar immortalized on video, which is also amazing content for your digital channels. Eternal memory to be relived again and again.

Professional video production that strengthen your business

We produce everything from short social media videos to major Employer Branding videos. We handle everything from idea to finished video. Below you can see a selection of our prices. If you need more than one video, please contact us to get an offer. Often we can produce several videos from one day of shooting.

Employee testimonial

Authentic employee stories
  • Script & storyboard
  • 3 hours of shooting on 1 location
  • 1 featured employee
  • Post production (editing, music, etc.)
  • 1 proofreading
  • Subtitles
  • 1 min. video ready for use

Recruitment video

Reach and attract the right candidates
  • Script & storyboard
  • 1 day of shooting on 1 location
  • 1 featured speaker
  • Post production (editing, music, etc.)
  • 1 proofreading
  • Subtitles
  • 1 min. video ready for use
  • Social media advertising

Employer Branding Video

Your workplace captured on video
  • Script & storyboard
  • 1 day of shooting
  • 3 featured speakers
  • Post production (editing, music, etc.)
  • 2 proofreadings
  • Subtitles
  • Max 3 min. video ready for use
  • 2 locations
  • Consulting included

"Get a great start" video production package

If you’ve already invested in an Employer Branding strategy, kickstart your execution with a package deal that will lift your Employer Brand to new heights with authentic and live content.
For most companies, this package is a great starter because you’ll be equipped with enough content for at least a year. But we can customize the package to fit your exact needs. 

Bring your Employer Brand to life

Get started with video
kr 205.000 (Discount: 20.000 kr)
  • 1 Employer Branding video
  • 2 Recruitment videos
  • 2 Employee testimonials
  • Project Management

Video production

Our process

It is easy to produce with us. We are doing most of the work so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

  • A joint meeting where we get a thorough introduction to your company, your culture, your values ​​etc.
  • We streamline the expectations and decide on a direction for the video: Purpose, who will participate, how the video should be distributed and so on.
  • What tone and style do you want?
  • Process outline to accommodate possible deadlines.
  • It is a joint collaboration where we “hold your hand” the entire way.
  • Based on step one, we prepare a script, storyboard and creative idea.
  • Then you have a proofreading where we refine the material.
  • Once we agree on the content, we outline the further process.
  • We agree date for filming (s) and location (s).
  • We prepare a detailed production schedule for filming with time slots, participants a.s.o., ensuring everyone is aligned with the course of the day.
  • The big day where we follow the production plan.
  • Of course, we have all the necessary equipment, so you only need to think about whether your hair is as it should be.
  • We provide coaching and instruction on set, so all participants feel comfortable in front of the camera so they leave with a good feeling.
  • It is always in our interest that the video meets your expectations, and everyone is proud of the production, therefore we are always honest and constructive.
  • We cut, edit, color grade, adjust the sound and select the music.
  • We work efficiently and after about 7-10 days, you will get the video ready for review.
  • You now have one proofreading, where you’ll collect as much feedback from your colleges.
  • After we have implemented your editings, we provide you with the finished video in MP4 format with subtitles and a thumbnail (still image).
  • You now have a finished video ready to use.
  • If desired, we are also happy to help with the distribution of the video.


We have produced and co-created hundreds of videos in various industries, so reach out to us if you’re not finding exactly the inspiration that you’re looking for.

Recruitment videos

Employee testimonials

Jasmina Viso

Should we produce your next video?

Whether you need a short video for social media or several larger video productions, we most certainly have an idea for a great story. Book a meeting with me so we can discuss possibilities for your next video production.



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