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Recruitment Marketing brings the best of Digital Marketing into HR. The purpose is to continually attract and maintain candidate relationships by delivering relevant content to keep them “warm” and eventually convert them into a new employee. Therefore Recruitment Marketing is very similar to common marketing where your company promotes its services to attract new customers. Recruitment Marketing requires persistence and long-term effort. Perseverance that really pays off.

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41% longer candidate journey

The development has occurred over just two years. When we speak of the candidate journey we mean from “unaware of your company” towards a candidate applying for your job.

Excluding the job ad, what do you do to attract and engage your potential candidates? If not the right people know you exist or are completely unaware of how great a workplace you have, why should they want to work for you?

Just like those in marketing work on convincing people to buy their particular product, you need to convince the right people to work for you. It requires some thoughts on who your audience is, how to reach them, and what content they need to one day convert into your new employee.

All of that we can help you with. Reach out to us to discuss your potential.

Reach your recruitment goals with a guarantee

With Recruitment Marketing your recruitment process will be taken to new heights, as the focus will change from single communication about each job to pipelines and segmentation, from spread messages to an overall narrative, and from an HR project to a growth promoter that can be measured on the bottom line.

Nå dine rekrutteringsmål med recruitment marketing
Reducer rekrutteringsomkostninger med recruitment marketing


When you work consistently on communicating to your audience and keep your pipeline of candidates warm, it becomes easier to attract and recruit because knowledge of the business is more widespread. Recruitment time will become shorter and more will apply unsolicited, which has a positive effect on recruitment costs.


By streamlining your recruitment, up to 50% of your important resources in HR are released to other strategic tasks such as on-boarding, training, and development in general.

Frigiv vigtig tid i HR med recruitment marketing

How we strengthen your Recruitment Marketing


It may sound like a major task to get started. But it doesn’t have to be. We help you develop your strategy and create a plan with specific initiatives and advertisements over a longer period based on your recruitment goals.


We create content that will strengthen your position as an attractive workplace. It can be anything from career sites, employee testimonials, articles to competitions, events, or newsletters. Only the imagination sets the limits, as long as it engages your target audience.


Mobilize your employees so they are well prepared to support the strategy. We share our knowledge about Recruitment Marketing, Employer Branding, video recruitment/production, and Social media advertising through inspiring workshops with hands-on exercises.


We handle all of the coordination and planning. And if you do not have the resources, we are also happy to help you execute the strategy and media plan, thus ensuring maximum performance.

Kickstart your Recruitment Marketing

Starter kit:
Recruitment Marketing

Maximize the outcome of your recruitment
kr 250.000 Price example
  • 1 Employer Branding video
  • 2 Recruitment videos
  • 2 Employee testimonials
  • Sparring on career site
  • Social media advertising (6 months)
  • Project Management

Recruitment Marketing subscription

To achieve your recruitment goals, it requires a dedicated effort. You must understand your target audience and reach them where they are with just the right content. It requires knowledge, experience, and time. Maybe you only need our counseling or maybe you would like us to execute on your strategy, so you can use your resources where it’s most valuable to you. Whatever your needs are, we are ready.

Coaching & Consulting

  • Development of strategy
  • Content map
  • Dedicated support


  • Development of strategy
  • Content map
  • Dedicated sparring
  • Social media advertising

The full package

  • Development of strategy
  • Content map
  • Dedicated support
  • Social media advertising
  • Production of content
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We are ready to strengthen your Recruitment Marketing! Are you?

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