A journey towards transforming and digitizing the recruitment industry


The traditional recruitment process is no longer sufficient in the current job market, where companies are competing for the best candidates.
SEEKNSPEAK was created with a desire to give companies and candidates a better chance to spot each other.
With a background in marketing, digital strategies and communication, we saw the opportunity to incorporate it into recruitment.

It has been known for long that video is a powerful means of communication.
Therefore, it was natural to bring video into the recruitment process, so that both the company and the candidate can much more easily figure out whether there is a potential match.
We quickly found out that companies liked the idea of presenting the job in an alternative way and from there, tempt and attract candidates. By presenting the job on video, the companies could stand out. At the same time, it gave candidates the opportunity to get an impression of their possible new employer.

But it wasn’t enough just to make a good-looking video. It should target the right candidates.
Based on our experience with digital strategies and communication, we put together customized media plans so that the videos could reach the right candidates.

We realized that the video format also works really well for jobseekers wanting to show more sides of themselves. All too often, CV and application only show half the truth, while we want to see the full picture. That’s why we developed video screening. One step after the written application, but before the personal interview.
By asking the right questions, the candidate’s competencies or motivation is revealed, while also gaining an insight into the person behind the application.
With video, both parties get a good sense of one another before the first real meeting. This makes the recruitment process much more efficient and ensures the right match.

You have now gained a little insight into the journey we are on – which is far from over.

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