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Employer Branding is the strategic work on influencing your company’s reputation and popularity. And it starts with your “why”, the raison d’être, or the reason you exist, which should be clear if you want a strong Employer Brand. Employees today are purpose-driven. Their work is so much more than just a job. Therefore you must work actively and strategically with Employer branding. If your company should be seen as an attractive workplace, it is important to activate all platforms and channels. We can help you create a consistent and credible story about your business. We can make the story authentic and vivid with images of locations and employees. We can stage your values ​​and differentiate you from the competition. And we can make sure that you reach your stakeholders, create long-term relationships, turn your employees into ambassadors, so people want to work for your particular business. We bring your Employer Brand to life.


Build awareness and create a brand that attracts the best candidates in the labor market. Bring your vision, values ​​, and goals into play and include your past, current, and potential employees in the storytelling.

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Reducer rekrutteringsomkostninger med Employer Branding

Reduce recruitment costs

When investing in the Employer Brand, the result will be better retention of existing employees while also attracting the most skilled candidates who have a strong motivation to work for you. This means that you can move part of your ad hoc recruitments to more plug and play solutions because you already have a pool of relevant candidates to draw on. It not only increases efficiency. It also improves the quality of your recruitments and thus your ROI.

Increase employee engagement

The most authentic and powerful story of your business does not come from the top. It comes from the employees. And when potential candidates are looking for a new job, the employee stories rank the highest. Include your employees. Let them have a voice in your company. In return, their motivation to achieve business goals increases. With a strong employer brand, you’ll create ambassadors for life.

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How we strengthen your Employer Brand


We identify your core messages and create your authentic story based on culture, people, and values.


We would obviously like to make it as easy for you as possible to strengthen your employer branding. Therefore we take care of all coordination and planning.


We create content that will strengthen your position as an attractive workplace.


We love sharing our knowledge and experience with employer branding and recruitment through lectures and workshops.

Kickstart your Employer Branding with video

Bring your Employer Brand to life

Get started with video
kr 205.000 (Discount: 20.000 kr)
  • 1 Employer Branding video
  • 2 Recruitment videos
  • 2 Employee testimonials
  • Project Management

Employer Branding subscription

One thing is certain: It requires a dedicated effort to create and strengthen an Employer Brand. Whatever your needs are, we are available. Maybe you have the resources to do the job yourself, but need a consulting partner? You might already have the strategy and the ideas in place, but it can be difficult to get time to execute? Or maybe you need someone to do it all for you? We offer our services as a subscription solution tailored to your needs. Because it is flexible, agile, and simple. Just like us. Are you unsure about where you fit in? Book a meeting with us, then we’ll talk about which actions you need to strengthen your company’s position as an attractive workplace.

Coaching & Consulting

  • Developement of strategy
  • Content map
  • Dedicated support


  • Development of strategy
  • Content map
  • Dedicated support
  • Social media advertising

The full package

  • Development of strategy
  • Content map
  • Dedicated support
  • Social media advertising
  • Production of content
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We are ready to strengthen your Employer Branding! Are you?

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