SEEKNSPEAK is a digital HR media agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We started with a vision of making communication between companies and candidates more transparent. Our services are based on marketing but within a recruitment and Employer Branding context. We challenge ingrained, inefficient processes and methods and call to rethink recruitment. By bringing communication and digital skills into the recruitment process, we help companies to find, attract, and engage the most talented candidates. Visual effects are often the focal point of our services, therefore we work with video, graphics, and images when we tell the stories for our customers. SEEKNSPEAK has existed since 2017 and we have assisted in over 300 recruitments for a wide range of Danish and international companies of all sizes, across industries.

Get to know us a bit better

We are a small dynamic team consisting of very different profiles that complement, motivate, and challenge each other extremely well. We are known to have a close relationship with our customers, perhaps because we see ourselves more as a partner than a supplier. We work efficiently, transparently, and always with the best results in mind. This is evident in the loyalty of many of our customers.



Camilla Fielsøe van Dijk

Camilla has more than 20 years of experience in business development and consulting. As a consultant, manager, and CEO, she has experience in Strategy, Recruitment Marketing, and Employer Branding. Therefore, it is most often Camilla, you will see giving lectures and lead workshops where she shares her knowledge and tools. The philosophy is always walk-the-talk, and for the last five years, her heart has been beaten for value creation and innovation in digital ventures and recruitment. She graduated in International Trade and Marketing and holds an Executive MBA.

Privately, Camilla is the Project Manager of the household consisting of her husband, four children, one cat, and one dog, and she is always in the middle of a new DIY project.

If you need counseling or any advice on strategy, execution, partnerships, or workshops, Camilla is your go-to-person.

Producer & operations Manager


Jasmina Viso

Jasmina is a born project manager. She makes a virtue of the fact that things run smoothly. Therefore she always sees the big picture and is in control of all the details. Jasmina has been involved with SEEKNSPEAK from the very beginning and she is the one who plans, prepares, and executes all our productions, media plans, and events. She knows all about Recruitment Marketing, Employer Branding, and video production and often has good ideas for our clients. She has no less than two diplomas from KEA and CBS in marketing and entrepreneurship as well as more than seven years of experience in startups.

Jasmina subscribes to Aarstidernes meal box and plays basketball in her spare time when she is not listening to true crime podcasts.

Grab Jasmina, if you want to lift your recruiting to new levels, looking for inspiration for video production, or to learn more about how we can become partners.


Rune Pedersen

Rune is an award winning photographer. He has a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He spent a decade as a Photo Technician and Studio Photographer at Danish Daily Politiken. Today, Rune is a renowned teacher in lighting and Photoshop at the Danish School of Journalism.

Rune is a former boxer, cab driver, and postman and he is the proud father of three lovely daughters. He has got the moves on roller skates, and crossfit keeps him strong, which comes in handy when having to carry all his photo gear. 

Rune has always had a very playful approach to photography. Playfulness keeps the passion alive.


Simone Ziegler

Simone is our newly graduated multimedia designer. She started as an intern at Seeknspeak
and has now become part of the permanent staff, where her focus is the visual and creative aspect of the firm.

Her main areas include Seeknspeak’s website and the internal So-Me content.

Privately, you will find her on a farm in Roskilde with the family, where she relaxes by
taking photos.

In addition to work, Simone has been traveling in large parts of Asia and Australia. Here
she has met different cultures and people. There is not a time when she does
not have the next trip planned

Tautvyde Andersen_Freelance videographer

video producer

Tautvyde Andersen

Tautvyde … need help on how to pronounce her name? 

Our video creator Tautvyde [tautvide] is from Lithuania and as she says herself: “If you can learn Danish, you are actually capable of learning anything, also my name!”. Tautvyde is a storyteller from the bottom of her heart. 

She graduated journalism from Vilnius University and den Danske Medie og Journalisthøjskole in Århus, and has won international awards for her TV stories and reportages. Tautvyde always looks for the emotional core in the picture and is convinced that everyone has a story worth telling.

Tautvyde loves documentaries and visual art and is a part of an active women’s art club in Copenhagen. Together with her husband she has two school kids, loves basketball and being active. Tautvyde is a dedicated runner so give her a high5 next time during the CpH half.   


The many diverse productions require sharp eyes, creative mindsets, and a special talent for storytelling. Therefore, we have assembled a team of talented and loyal freelancers, all of which have many productions behind them. We are certain that they also have a good idea for your next production!

Tautvyde Andersen


Thomas Mark Pedersen

Digital Marketing Consultant

Jonas Henriksen


Trine Pihl Stanley


Caroline Minor

Graphic Designer

Tautvyde Andersen


Jesper Christensen



Graphic Designer

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