Siteimprove: Recruitment of 15 software developers through social media

Siteimprove: Recruitment of 15 software developers through social media

is one of Denmark’s leading IT companies, which helps companies improve their online presence. It is a fast-growing company and thus always in the need of more skillful employees. However, today most companies have noticed a lack of competent IT professionals, and receiving just a handful of relevant applications for an open position is considered lucky.  
Recruiting software developers is, indeed, hard. 

Focus on the mission and on developing skills

Because of this, Siteimprove did not hesitate to try a new approach for the specific challenge: the recruitment of 15 new software developers. In order to attract potential candidates, a recruitment video was chosen as the new strategy. 
Knowing that software developers are not likely to leave existing jobs, it was important that the video put an emphasis on Siteimprove’s purpose-driven mission, the possibility of specialization and continuous skill enhancement. This was further supported by visuals showing a professional, yet informal and inviting work environment. 
The video was distributed on social media. Its effect exceeded all expectations.  












An interesting insight for Siteimprove was the high performance on especially Facebook, where many of the candidates responded that they had seen the video. 
This shows how important it is to make sure not only to use professional platforms such as LinkedIn, on which the reach was 3,566, but rather to focus on reaching the audience on the platforms where they spend most of their time – in this case Facebook.  


Siteimprove knew that they would periodically have similar recruitment needs and, therefore, had an extra recording filmed with a less specific intro. The two different versions of the recruitment video allowed different recruitment needs to be met without additional cost, and filled the need of a long-lasting and reusable recruitment video. 
“We’ve seen really nice results from the video. We made a dedicated job posting for the video and we have received 80+ applications, which is really good! Since the posting went live, it has had 223 unique visitors. In comparison, our “Senior Fullstack Developer ” had 19 in the same period, so it has had a clear effect.”
Emil Wulff, Communications Officer


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