We work with diverse projects where the complexity varies. That is why we have a dynamic team of different profiles who complement, motivate and challenge each other so that we can challenge you.
We are known for our close relationships with our customers, because we see ourselves as a business partner rather than a supplier. We work efficiently, transparently and always with the best result in mind. And we naturally adapt the team to the needs of the task.

CEO, Partner

Camilla Fielsøe van Dijk

Camilla has more than 20 years of experience in business development and consulting. As a consultant, manager and CEO, she has experience with strategy, Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding. Therefore, it is often Camilla you’ll see at lectures and workshops, where she shares her knowledge and tools. The philosophy is always walk-the-talk, and for the past five years the heart has been beating for value creation in digital ventures with recruitment and innovation at the core.
She is educated in International Trade and Marketing and has an Executive MBA. In private, Camilla cares for her family, which includes a husband and four children. She enjoys winter swimming, morning yoga and walking the dog by the sea.
If you need sparring or advice for strategy, execution, partnerships or workshops, please contact Camilla.

Producer & operations manager, Partner

Jasmina Viso

Jasmina is the team’s project manager. She makes a virtue of having the big overview and control of all details, ensuring projects are running on track. Jasmina has been involved from the very beginning of SEEKNSPEAK’s journey and is responsible on a daily basis for planning, preparing and executing all our projects and productions, which now count for more than 500 over the years.
She knows everything about Recruitment Marketing, Employer Branding and video production and often has the creative ideas for our clients. She has no less than two degrees from KEA and CBS in communication, marketing and entrepreneurship as well as more than 10 years of experience in startups.
In her private life, Jasmina spends time boxing, doing podcasts with her network and enjoys lots of social activities with friends and family.

video producer

Tautvyde Andersen

Our video creator Tautvyde [tautvide] is from Lithuania.
Tautvyde is a storyteller from the bottom of his heart. She is a trained journalist from Vilnius University and the Danish Media and Journalism Academy in Aarhus and has won international awards for her TV stories and reports. Tautvyde always looks for the emotional core of the image and is convinced that everyone has a story worth telling.
Tautvyde loves documentaries and visual arts and is part of an active women’s art club in Copenhagen.
Together with her husband, she has two school children, loves basketball and being active. Tautvyde is a dedicated runner, so give her a high5 next time in the CPH Half Marathon.
Tautvyde Andersen_Freelance videographer

content creator, intern

Anna osowo

Anna has studied language psychology, and enjoys exploring the space between communication, behavior and people. When she’s not working on catchy lyrics, she enjoys practicing yoga, so much so that she’s actually starting the Living Yolates education in Copenhagen.

business partner


When an integrated, strategic and creative communication effort is needed, it takes place in collaboration with our skilled partners in Essencius. They are specialists in Public Relations and visual communication both on analogue, digital and social channels, just as they are responsible for media training of managers. Together, we ensure that all elements of communication can work together and reinforce each other in the employer branding work.

business partner



Linus is our man on the ground in the Scandinavian markets. He has an education from Stockholm University within Business and Marketing and has no less than 25 years of experience in developing and communicating productive and attractive workplaces in a wide range of organisations.
When time allows, Linus is (still) working on speaking better Danish and he also enjoy travel the world to learn about different cultures. Linus is a father of two children and lives in Stockholm with his girlfriend. 


our fabulous freelancers

The many versatile productions require sharp eyes, a creative mindset and a talent for storytelling. That is why we have assembled a team of creative talents, all of whom have many productions behind them. Maybe they also have a good idea for your next one?

Thomas Mark Pedersen

Digital Marketing Consultant

Sofia Busk


Jonas Henriksen


Caroline Minor

Graphic Designer

Trine Pihl Stanley


Jørgen Michael Rasmussen


Sofie elskær

Graphic Designer & Video Editor

any questions or want to know more?

Our vision is to create a world where the match between companies and candidates is based on transparency and authenticity.
We create employer brands people dream of working for. By bringing marketing and communications into HR, we help companies reach the candidates they need to succeed.
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We believe that when we use each other and combine our resources, we not only create unique results for our customers but also for ourselves.
We believe that the best solutions are found by treading undiscovered paths. We are therefore in constant development and always challenge the status quo.
We believe that you get the furthest with authenticity and honesty in what we do and who we are. It's our DNA. What you see is what you get.
We believe that in every challenge lies a unique opportunity to create personal and tailored solutions. Therefore, we always see opportunities rather than limitations.
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